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Product Care & Maintenance


Engineered Stone

Maintaining Stone benchtop is easy. Simply wash with a soft cotton cloth and warm water, use a mild soap if desired.


Granite & Marble

– Granit is exceptionally durable as a kitchen surface and with reasonable care will stay beautiful indefinitely. We recommend microfiber and clean water or a neutral detergent. Special granite cleaner is very useful also as a general purpose cleaner in the kitchen. Aggressive cleaners such as cif and bleach should not be used. Anti-bacterial products are not recommended.
– Granite is very hard but can scratch. Due to the gloss surface, scratches are often visible so the use of a cutting board is advised. Surface scratches are not repairable but can sometimes be masked with special polish.
– Granite is slightly porous so we seal all tops with a special anti-stain treatment at the factory. This is considered a permanent treatment but may require re-sealing in time or after particularly intensive cleaning. This is not a DIY product so please contact us.

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